Improved Connection Through A New Concept

Regenerative Boxing is a revolutionary program with the capability to help individuals in all walks of life.

Our Mission

Help people become healthier, more confident, and teach professional boxing techniques in a way which challenges and improves the mind-body connection in a revolutionary way.




Who is Regenerative Boxing For?

It is absolutely for everyone seeking Mind Body Connection.

Individuals wanting to decrease stress

People desiring a high level of cognition

Those who want to learn how to box from home

Individuals living a sedentary lifestyle & want to exercise

Those who want to be proactive with improving:

 ….balance, mobility, coordination, reflexes

People dealing with chronic diseases such as:

Early On-set Parkinson's Disease,

Early On-set Alzheimer's Disease,

COPD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and

Other ailments having negative impact on the brain

What is Regenerative Boxing?
Watch video below for founders explanation

Course Details

Regenerative Boxing Origins

We created Regenerative Boxing after experiencing and teaching similar movements to the elderly, those battling Parkinson's, and children while developing their athleticism. Having seen first hand how these movements helped individuals improve their physical, mental and emotional health, we established our primary goal; To research and develop a program to help people experience and enjoy a unique form of exercise.

120+ Rounds of Video Tutorials

Unlimited access to over 120 rounds of specific boxing movements shown to enhance mood, boost confidence, and improve balance, mobility, reflexes and cognition efficiency. Learn the basics of boxing, at your speed, while methodically progressing into more challenging and effective movements. All from the comfort of your home and with no equipment needed.

Lifetime Access

Immediate access to all purchased phases for LIFE, no monthly or annual renewals. Get access to a never before seen program shown to improve balance, mobility, cognition efficiency, reflexes and much more.

21 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you find regenerative boxing is not for you, receive a 100% full refund within 21 days of your purchase.

This Is Regenerative Boxing

Hi, We're Zach and Sinjen Smith Creators of Regenerative Boxing

Together we have a combined experience of over 20 years in combat sports and a lifelong journey of health and fitness. Having competed competitively in Collegiate Boxing and Professional Mixed Martial Art's, we have taken the years of training and skills learned to develop a concept of exercise designed to transform the current paradigm surrounding human health.

Hear What Others Have to Say!


"Great program. Starting day 1 it challenged my cognitive capabilities but using the tips provided and sticking with it I found that by the end of the week I was doing much better. By the end of the program I was picking up the movement sequences much better."

-Mike G

"It was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to Phase 3."

-Shawn E

"The boxing class helped with my balance, coordination, flexibility, and it also helped improve my memory."

-Marius P

"Your boxing class helped me build my endurance, strength, balance, and the habit of exercising on a regular basis."

- Jim L

"I benefited from Regenerative Boxing in developing fundamental boxing skills and as a way to keep fit and healthy"

-Luis E

"Boxing is a full body exercise if done correctly. It has strengthened my legs and arms, helped me with balance and boosted my confidence."

- Lou Y

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago and felt my coordination and cognition quickly dissipating. I knew I needed physical activity, but also knew I needed more than just a typical workout. I was looking for something mentally and physically stimulating. This is exactly what the boxing class has provided for me."

- Betsy L

"When I first started Regenerative Boxing I was holding onto a chair because I didn't trust myself, I knew my balance wasn't the best. By the end of the program I was doing things on one leg.

- Cindy B

Regenerative Boxing Phases 1, 2, & 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I begin once I'm enrolled?

As soon as you are ready. Once you have established your username and password you will have immediate access to the course curriculum.

Do I have to log into Regenerative Boxing to view my courses?


Do I need any prior boxing experience to partake in the program?

NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NEEDED! We start from the basic fundamentals to ensure we have set a strong foundation to build upon. Safety is our priority.

What if I am not satisfied with the course or unable to proceed in the program?

If you are not completely satisfied or this program is not what you were looking for, contact us within 21 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund.

Can I perform the physical activity required in Regenerative Boxing?

Regenerative Boxing is intended for individuals who have mobility, balance, coordination, reflex issues, early onset cognitive disorders or those in the process of developing these skills. This program is very progressive and can be performed by most individuals who have the ability to standup with no support and can walk.

Will Regenerative Boxing show me how to properly box?

Yes. If you are wanting to learn the most important details of boxing, this program is for you. Learn proper boxing technique from the ground up.

Do I need any equipment?

No equipment is required. All you will need is a small open area.


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